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Imagine you had the power to alter the past, save a life, and thus salvage your future. Would you brave the risks involved?

Sloane Kelly certainly would. Then again, she’s been left with no other choice.
A month ago, Sloane had a perfect life; promotion to Boston’s Chief Medical Examiner and a fiancé on the fast-track to the White House. Until she was unjustly connected to a murder in her family’s past and it tore her world apart. But … she has a solution––use her friend’s scientific prototype time machine to travel back to 1887, inhabit the body of her ancestor, and prevent the murder from occurring.

Such a simple plan, what could go wrong? For a start, the machine malfunctions, and once again she stands accused of murder. Now, Sloane must survive in 1887 and use her modern-day forensic skills to take CSI back to basics and unmask the real murderer.
Teaming up with Luther McLaren, an ostracized and enigmatic detective with secrets of his own, Sloane must sift through the haze of clues to discover the truth. A missing body, an African curse, stolen diamonds, and cyanide poisoning all link in this rollercoaster whodunnit.
And in the end, will Sloane want to return to the future when she realizes who it is that truly threatens those she loves?

Blood Will Tell

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