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Thank you for visiting the website of Terese Jones,
author of the Sloane Kelly & Luther McLaren forensic whodunnit mystery series


Terese Jones' first novel, in an ongoing series of Forensic Murder Mysteries. 


"Step into the Past, Uncover a Mystery! Join Forensic Pathologist Sloane Kelly in 1880's Boston, where a Murder Awaits Prevention. 


Dive into a world of Missing Bodies, Stolen Diamonds, and Ancient Curses. Get ready to question everything in this unforgettable mystery novel!"

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Image by Ali Yahya
Image by Ali Yahya

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Blood Will Tell

Discover an enthralling debut murder-mystery that transports you to the captivating world of 19th-century Boston – "Blood Will Tell" by Terese Jones. Immerse yourself in the elegant yet mysterious atmosphere of the era as you follow Sloane Kelly's gripping journey to unravel a murder that defies time.

Sloane, wrongly accused of a heinous crime, harnesses the power of a revolutionary scientific prototype to travel back to 1887. Join her as she partners with the enigmatic detective Luther McLaren to untangle a web of secrets: a missing body, an African curse, stolen diamonds, and cyanide poisoning.

With twists that rival the great Agatha Christie and Patricia Cornwell,

"Blood Will Tell" delivers a pulse-pounding forensic whodunit, fueled by the unique character of Luther McLaren.

Terese Jones, the brilliant mind behind this tale, ignited her passion for mysteries as a child, persevering through early writing challenges to create a masterpiece. Drawing inspiration from history and her love for captivating plots, Terese has crafted an extraordinary reading experience.

Experience the suspense yourself – own "Blood Will Tell" in print for $15.95 or as a Kindle ebook for just $5. Immerse yourself in a world of intrigue and suspense by visiting to secure your copy today. Join us in supporting this exceptional author and her remarkable work. Happy reading!

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Terese grew up in the Hunter Valley, NSW, and has loved mysteries ever since she was a child when she wrote her first novel on the back of a pile of dot-matrix paper her father gave her. The Mystery of the Missing Piecrust was never completed, however, she resumed her passion for writing several years ago. Blood Will Tell is her first completed manuscript.

Terese currently works in a civilian role with the Police Service, which proved to be a tremendous resource while researching this novel. She lives on the Redcliffe Peninsula, QLD, with her husband, Michael.

Blood Will Tell Terese Jones Author

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